A couple of nights ago, I had an amazing dream where I was rushing down the┬áman-made┬árapids in a kayak towards a gold medal! Then I woke up! If I have learned anything from this year’s London Olympics, it is that there is no age, size, race, or gender discrimination when it comes to getting physical. Knowing this, and spending hours watching or listening to or researching and explaining the Olympics, I am pumped to try some of these summer games on my own. Does anyone else feel this way?

I mean, rowing looks like it would be a blast and not to mention it would blast off tons of calories! To the tune of almost 500 calories burned an hour! I also would love to start playing volleyball again, I mean sand or indoor, I know this a fabulous workout that doesn’t seem like it since it is a fast paced game. My girls are interested in trying out gymnastics and are constantly practicing walking the “balance beam” AKA the stones surrounding their Mimi’s flower beds. And in trying these new activities, I am going to try and remember that I am still learning and a novice at them… not the Olympians I have spent the last week and some change watching. The other lesson that I have learned from these Olympians from our country and every other country competing is the confidence that these athletes have. Since I struggle with confidence, like most every other woman on Earth, I think we can all learn a valuable lesson from these Olympians… find a physical activity that we enjoy and have passion for. Once we can find this, we will build a confidence that can never be stripped away. Hopefully, I will see lots of people out there trying out their new favorite summer Olympic sport!