Working out can be hard sometimes, simply because it’s hard to motivate ourselves to go. Working out with someone else can really help boost not only the amount you work out, but also the length and quality of the workout as well. Here’s why:

  1. It’s harder to say “no” with someone else: It’s really easy for us to say “Oh, I’ll take an off day!” when we’re only accountable to ourselves. It’s a lot harder to say no to your friend who’s already in her workout gear waiting for you to go.

  2. It’s easier to go to classes: Let’s be honest: fitness classes can be intimidating to take alone. Going with a friend gives you someone to connect with–especially during partner drills. Plus you have that person to look to for help and support, and save you the good mat by the mirrors!

  3. You’re more likely to mix it up: Chances are you’ll get to try something new because you won’t both have the same interests and focus points. Maybe you want to focus on losing weight, so you both focus on that for a day or two. But your friend may want to do strength training to tone, so you’ll try that for a day or two. It keeps your workout fresh and more interesting, which in turn makes you want to continue on that track.

  4. Buddying up is two stress relievers in one: Exercise and talking to our friends are both excellent stress relievers. Combine the two of them and you have a great way to burn both calories and stress!