I have been in the fitness industry and involved in competing for over 20 years (wow I’m OLD) 🙂 and I have seen so many girls/women that have come and gone.  This can be a wonderful sport and a great way to get your story and your message of fitness and inspiration out to other young girls, women, moms and even grandmothers.  It can also be something that consumes you and your morality, and before you know it, you are doing things that are not becoming to a lady.  A rule of thumb I have always had for myself and my family, is never post or pose in any pictures that I would be embarrassed for my mom or dad to see.  Now that I am a wife and mom, I would never do anything that I would hate for my husband or daughter to ever see!  It is a personal choice we all have to make for ourselves.  We all have different ideas on what our limits are, but I have seen too many girls fall victim to the perceived “fame” and attention that provocative pictures (or videos) can lead to.  It is possible to be sexy, fit and strong while remaining classy, not trashy.  The women in the industry that come to my mind that exemplify this and are wonderful role models are Monica Brant, Kim Dolan, and Chady Dunmore.  Monica Brant has been actively involved in the industry for as long as I have been around and always presents herself with sexiness and class.  Kim Dolan has also been around for longer than most, and has since become a mother.  She is always sexy and beautiful and has never put forth any other image of herself besides that of a classic beauty.  Chady Dunmore has sky rocketed on to the scene over the past few years.  She is also a mom and has never been anything but a graceful, inspirational role model to other women.  All three of these gorgeous, amazing, talented, and classy ladies have been on countless magazine covers, featured in too many articles to mention, and they have all done it without ever compromising themselves, their bodies, or their families!

That is they type of person I want to be and the role model I have to be to maintain my integrity and my level of decency in my world of fitness.  Of course I want to feel and look sexy, and that is how we have to portray ourselves sometimes, but with class and dignity.  So my advice to the young girls, women, moms and yes, even some grandmothers, that compete and wish to be published or want to somehow get noticed…..Don’t lose yourself or compromise your morals just for that one chance to become “famous”.  Don’t let anyone talk you in to doing anything or posing for any pictures you are not comfortable with.  It’s not worth it….:) BE CLASSY NOT TRASHY.…there is definitely a difference!

That’s my 2 cents……JUST KEEPING IT REAL!! 🙂