Mindless snacking can make or break a diet plan. A cookie here, a few bites of your kid’s sandwich there, and before you know it you’ve added 500 extra calories to your day! By writing everything down, you can look back and see where your weight gains and losses are coming from! Here are some of the best fitness journals to help keep you motivated and on track!

Fitlosophy Fitbook: Fitbook is a unique, 12-week journal that helps you track your progress and reach your goals. This journal is compact and easy to bring along with you! It features daily food, water, and sleep logs along with workout logs for each day. Plus, it has a weekly round-up for you to summarize your accomplishments for the week!

fitbook journal

DietMinder: This is the perfect diet journal for the detail-oriented ladies! It has a place for every factor that could contribute to or hinder your weight loss. It even has a daily activity section to keep you on the move!


Diet & Fitness Journal: This food and fitness journal is so colorful and cute, you’re bound to want to check it out every day! And, hey, that’s the goal, right!? It comes complete with a nutritional index to take the guesswork out of meal planning. Plus, it has pointers throughout the book for a little added motivation!

diet and fitness journal

Diet Doodle Diary: If you want to record your food without having to worry about all the specifics and details, this cute little diary is for you! This book lets you hold yourself accountable for what you are eating without logging every ingredient. This adorable food diary is as entertaining as it is useful!

diet doodle diary

Food Journal: This journal goes back to basics! This totally simplified food journal comes in four beautiful colors. This food journal can help you lose up to twice as much weight if you are recording all of the food you eat!

food journal vivian

Woman’s Fitness Journal: If the journal itself is not motivation enough, this journal reads “In order to see change, you must first step out of the comfort box.” This journal will remind you of your goals and push you to try new things!

woman fitness journal

90-Day Fitness Journal: Your Complete Fitness Companion: This is an all-encompassing journal with strategies to help you lose weight during a 90-day period! Prepare for some serious education while you reach your goals! We love that this journal considers your body type to help you determine the best weight-loss strategy for you!

90 day fitness journal

Passion Wellness Journal: A small, but detailed fitness journal with built-in tabs for easy-to-find sections. This journal has six organized sections that include diet, exercise log, personal goals, and general health! This journal even includes games and inspiration! We love finding ways to make weight loss fun!

passion wellness journal

Food and Exercise Journal: 2014 Pink Daily Food Journal: A pretty journal to record your daily meals and fitness! This fitness journals comes in polkadot or zebra print! How fun is that? We love the fact that this journal is year specific, which means it will have the actual dates that correspond with the days you are recording your food and fitness. Use it as a planner and a health log!

pink fitness log

Daily Food Journal: Looking for a little inspiration? This food journal includes recipes! If you can’t come up with anything to make for dinner, you will have healthy recipes right at your fingertips. This is a great tool for staying away from foods that can hurt your weight loss efforts.

daily food journal


What Did I Eat Today?: A Food Lover’s Journal: Maybe weight loss is not your priority, but simply tracking what foods you’re eating is something you have wanted to do. This journal is perfect for you! Track your favorite meals and recipes so you are never wondering, “Where did I have that delicious sandwich last week?” You will have all of your favorite, and not so favorite, foods right where you need them!

what did i eat today

The Biggest Loser Food Journal: If the idea of having a team behind you is motivating, you need The Biggest Loser Food Journal! With tips and tricks from contestants and trainers, you will feel like you have the entire Biggest Loser team pushing you to reach your goals while tracking your food and fitness in this well-organized journal.

biggestloser food journal

One of the best ways to lose weight is to write down exactly what you are eating in order to hold yourself accountable. Any one of these amazing fitness journals will help you reach your goals and become a slimmer version of yourself!