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I love to cook.  In fact I think my husband is the most spoiled husband in town because I love to cook.  Every night (well, Monday – Thursday) he comes home and there’s a hot, delicious meal that’s healthy and tastes great.  But I was talking with my girlfriend the other day and she asked me, “What are you going to do about dinner once the babies arrive.”  Ugh.  It’s something I have been dreading.

I keep visioning the scene in Steel Magnolia’s when Annelle (Daryl Hannah) was upset because she wanted to give M’Lynn (Sally Field) a dish from her “freezes beautifully” section of her cookbook and didn’t have the right ingredients.  I need a “freezes beautifully” section cookbook.

However, my friend saved the day.  She told me about Dream Dinners. (Yep, that’s the name).  The concept is simple: you select from 15-20 recipes, go to the store location, assemble your meals, and take home to freeze.  It can’t be worse than a lean cuisine, so I thought I would try it.

The first time customers need to order online.  You review the recipes for that month and select if you want 3-serving or 6-serving meals.  There is also a PDF of nutritional facts and cooking instructions.  I am particular what goes into my body, so I scrutinized the nutritional facts and selected “heart healthy” meals (no more than 10g of Fat and 650 of Sodium) and a few others that were pretty darn close.  I also selected ones that were either 30-minute cooking time or ones you can just throw into the oven frozen.  Some of the meals come with sides and others don’t.  But it’s easy to grab some frozen vegetables or even make an easy side salad.  And point being….my husband can do all of this if I’m stuck with the twins!

I selected eight 3-serving meals and two 6-serving meals (we’ll have left overs twice) which totaled $180.  This works out to be about $5 per serving.  Some of the recipes I selected were Chicken with Balsamic Fig Sauce, Jamaican Pork Chops with Jasmine Rice, Sonoma Grill Steaks and Mediterranean Cod.

I took my Mom with me to assemble my meals.  There were 6 stations which reminded me of mini Subway Subs assembly lines.  Each station had 1-3 recipes and had prepped or even pre-measured ingredients.  You simply follow the recipes (which are even color coded), place in either a freezer bag or container, stick in the cooking instructions and you are done.  A few of my selections were “fast lane” meals which are already packaged for you when you arrive.  All the ingredients are fresh and meats are already frozen.  It took us about 20 minutes to assemble.

So far I give Dream Dinners “two thumbs up.”  It’s simple, easy, fun and healthy.  Dinners last from 3-6 months frozen. You don’t have to become a member nor have to order every month.  And if you are really short on time, you can pay an additional $25 and they will assemble everything for you. All you have to do is pick up your meals.

I haven’t tried these meals yet.  I’m waiting until after the twins arrive.  So that will be a future post to follow!