This summer, you’ll be focusing on lathering up yourself and the kids with sunscreen, but it’s important to give your hair some of that attention too!  Sun can be damaging to your hair and leave you with a burned scalp, stringy hair and more!  Healthy Women created a list of 5 ways to summer-proof your hair so you can enjoy the summer without worry!


Avoid the Burn: Your scalp needs SPF, too. Nothing is worse than an itchy red scalp that peels after a bad burn. Powder sunscreens and sprays make it easy to protect your scalp so don’t skimp on the sunscreen.


Be Gentle: If you plan to be outside a lot—sweating and swimming—you’ll end up washing your hair more often. Some shampoos contain harsh chemicals that will dry out your hair with more frequent washes. Try a sulfate-free formula instead. Although it may be difficult at first to get used to the lack of suds in these shampoos, the sulfate-free formulas will be much gentler on your stressed-out strands. Another way to lessen your hair stress is to use no-tangle bands when you wear it up. 

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