Stef completing the Warrior Dash
Back in my high school days I was extremely thin, but not very athletic. Actually, I wanted nothing to do with sports.  I participated in gym class, but never pushed myself very hard. The last thing I wanted to do was sweat.  Life moved on.  I got married.  I had children. Before I knew it, I had gradually gained over 70 lbs. since graduating high school.  Almost two years ago, I woke up and decided that it was time to make a change. I called a personal trainer and set up one-on-one sessions to get back in shape and get healthy.

Little did I know, that one call would change my life in many different ways. I remember arriving for my sessions the first few weeks and laughing and doubting that I would be able to do what my trainer was requesting of me.  Five push-ups–really?  You want me to hold a plank for how long? Slowly and surely and with the constant support and encouragement of my trainers and family, I finally ran my first 5k in December 2010. I was becoming an athlete.  Soon I started training with kettlebells and found myself in competitions. My body was changing and I was getting stronger. I actually looked forward to my workouts. I was an athlete. Soon I was a certified kettlebell trainer and that is where my life really changed.

I think we all go through life feeling empty in certain places. It is an emptiness that we can never quite put our finger on, yet we try to fill those spaces with all of the wrong things and pay the consequences. Once I began training other people,  I began to thrive. I finally started feeling whole. Those empty spaces were starting to be filled with the smiles and confidence of the women that I was training. It was confidence and self-esteem that came from these women finding their inner athlete just like I did.

All it took was one call and a desire to change to unleash my inner athlete.  It ignited a passion in me for empowering other woman (especially moms) to find that beautiful, confident woman that seems to get lost inside of each of us along the way.  Let’s be good role models for our children–demonstrate the importance of making time to take care of ourselves–spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I know that I am better equipped to take care of my family when I am making time for myself daily to stay fit and healthy.