The ego-boosting push up is quite possibly the most effective bodyweight exercise as it tones and sculpts the entire body and revs up your metabolism. Since push ups work so many muscle groups at one time, the heart must work harder to pump blood to your muscles, which increases your heart rate and elevates your metabolic rate during the exercise and even in recovery. What does all this do? Tightens your body, strengthens your heart, and promotes weight loss. Check, check, and check.

If you can easily crank out a good amount of push ups or you’ve stopped your push up game because you’re bored with the same movement, get ready to feel the burn with these 17 intense variations.

Push Up with Hand Raise: Practice your balance as your work your upper body with this move! Get more information on this move by clicking here.

Push Up with Hand Raise ALL brooke griffin skinny mom


Corkscrew Push Up: Get in a challenging workout by changing up your feet placement! You’ll find yourself using muscles in a new way! Get details on the move here.

Leg-Kick Push Up: Bring your legs into play when you do this push up variation! Details here!

Spider Woman Push Up: This is another great variation with some leg action! Work your thighs as you pump up your upper body! Click here for more information.

Grasshopper Push Up: The real trick to this move is not letting that leg touch the floor, but you can do it! Get details on the move here.

Scorpion Push Up: Get toned when you perform this move, but make sure your abs are engaged! Click here to be taken to the move.

Stability Ball Decline Push Up: Grab your stability ball and get ready to get to work! Learn how to perform this move by clicking here.

Bosu Push Up: If you’ve never used a Bosu Ball before, than you’re missing out! They make for an awesome workout and this move is no exception! Learn how to use it here!

bosu ball pushup

Diamond Push Up: This variation is slight, but with tight abs, you’ll really be challenging yourself! Learn more by clicking here.

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