Brooke and Easton

My family and I are vacationing in Reynolds, Georgia this week and so far the vacation has been just perfect. I love waking up to my little man smiling and knowing that I get to spend the entire day with him hanging by the pool, spending time with my family, and not stressing about the usual things like work, cooking dinner, and making sure the dry-cleaning is picked-up.

I try to relax as much as possible when I am away, but even while vacationing, I always try to commit some time to working out. I also try not to go too crazy when it comes to splurging on my favorite meals and snacks. My family will sometimes give me grief over this saying that I need to take a break from working out while I am on vacation, and that I shouldn’t worry about what I eat while I am away.  I see both sides of the argument.

However, for me, working out makes me feel better, and if I go too crazy on my diet, I probably would never be able to go back to eating clean when I return home, plus I feel terrible after eating a few bad meals in a row. So for me, I will continue to pack my sports bras, sweat bands, and running shoes when I am getting ready for vacation and I will actually use them during my stay.

I would love to hear from you whether or not you workout on vacation or take a break? Do you splurge all week on your favorite foods or do you enjoy your favorite foods in moderation most of the week?