biceps on bench

Most of us exercise for vanity and health, but to be very honest, sometimes vanity wins out. Why does it matter? If you’re exercising for vain reasons, you’re still helping out your body. But having goals other than your health can be dangerous. Trying to emulate the latest celebrity or to reach a goal weight so you can post about it on Facebook will not help you to live a healthy life. Once you reach that goal, then what will you work towards? Motive yourself because it’s good for your body. Trying to do something positive for yourself will help you get fit and stay fit.

I spend a good deal of time at the park when it is warm. (ok, a great deal of time…5 mornings a week sometimes). Every morning when I am working out, I see a blind couple who walks with a guide around the 1.2 mile loop. I believe they do the loop two or three times, I am really not sure…but it doesn’t matter. This couple is totally and completely blind, when I was younger I went to school with their son who was not blind and I remember them riding the bus downtown with their seeing eye dogs…but let me stop digressing here and get to my point.

These BLIND people workout everyday, they appear to be walking for fitness….but they CAN’T see the physical difference that they are making in their lives, they can only feel it. I find that admirable and courageous and truthfully the real reason why we should all workout. Yes, it is nice to fit into our skinny jeans and bikini…it is nice to have a smaller size pant than you did last month or last year. But none of those things matter if you aren’t healthy on the inside.

So next time you are trying to determine what you next fitness related goal will be, make it something that comes from deep down. Exercise because it makes you feel better; decreases your risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and premature death; do it because it will help you lead a much healthier and longer life. The size of the pants doesn’t matter as much as the health of the heart. Food for thought this week.