I have a love/hate relationship with running.  I was in the Air Force, so I needed to run to pass fitness tests, but I never really wanted to run, so I did it just enough to pass the test (just barely, most of the time).  However, now I run for fun.  I run when my husband is home and the weather is nice to clear my head.  I run at the gym sometimes when I am not taking a group fitness class.  I actually “Pay to run” in various 5Ks or other races in the area because I’m so inspired to.

So, what changed for me?  Well, I wanted a challenge.  I tore my ACL around two years ago, and had a hard recovery from that.  I was doing cycle classes quite regularly and had improved my cardio fitness as much as I could while still alloying my knee to recover.  I decided to sign up last minute for the Bill Gregory Healthcare Classic in Dalton, Georgia last year in May.  It was a 5K and I told myself that if I could get through the 5k, then I could do anything.

I ran almost the entire thing; there were a lot of hills and I was cautious because of my knee, but I finished within the amount of time that I wanted to… less than 40 minutes.  Not fast, but not bad for someone who “doesn’t like to run”.  So, this empowered me.  It made me gain my love of fitness and I went into accelerate mode in my fitness.  I signed up for another 5k a few months later and ran the entire thing and did so in 37 minutes.  I was so proud!  I knew that I had found my inner love of fitness inside of me, and well I decided from that point that I would go into a career in fitness… someway, somehow.

So, here it is a year later and I am a runner… and darn proud of it.  I haven’t stopped running since that first 5K and I am running in the same race this Saturday, but I’m doing a 10K instead.  I am planning to run the ENTIRE thing and I know I can because I haven’t stopped running since the first race a year ago.

To find out more about the Bill Gregory Healthcare Classic, please go to: http://www.nghp.org/#

What are some of your inspiring fitness stories?  Have any 5Ks or other runs helped change your life?  Are you an aspiring runner looking for tips or are you a seasoned pro that can give some?  We would love to hear you shout out; what runs are close to your heart and why.


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