First of all, I love pictures like this!  They light a fire under me and get me motivated to DO MORE!  That’s why I was truly shocked by the negative reactions to this photo when it was recently featured on a fitness page I follow on Facebook!

The photo is of Maria Kang…business owner, fitness enthusiast, wife, and mother of three.  She posted the picture of herself and her three boys along with the caption “What’s your excuse?” It was meant to be fun and motivational, but it quickly became obvious not everyone agreed… 

~ Some commented that it just made them feel bad about how they look.

~ Some took it as an accusation that because they don’t look like that after having kids, they must be lazy.

~ Others made assumptions about Maria…she must have a nanny, she must have a lot of money, she must spend all her time working out instead of with her kids…

Even if they didn’t agree with the caption on her photo, it made me very sad to see so many other women…other mothers…feel the need to “trash talk” someone who was simply trying to motivate other people.

But it also got me thinking…do photos like this do more harm than good?  Can fitness photos like this, that are meant to be inspiring, actually cause more negative feelings than positive/motivational feelings?

What do you think?  Does a photo of a fit mom like this inspire you??

For Maria’s take on the reactions to her photo, check out her blog! For another Real Fit Mom fitness photo, check out Fitness Diva’s post, Pregnancy is NOT the End of Fitness.