It’s so refreshing to pick fresh vegetables and fruit at the farmer’s market during spring and summer. Something about hand selecting a hand picked veggie just makes you feel good. But, we all know with fresh food comes fresh flies. Fruit flies are pesky. Even when you throw out the produce, they continue to find shelter in your kitchen. Go after the adults, the breeders first.

According to, these buggers aren’t the brightest. Their two main goals once adults are mating and laying eggs. “They use their sense of smell to find fermenting produce, and will fly to their target with little regard for their own safety. That’s why a vinegar trap is so effective. The trap is designed to lure the fruit flies in, and to prevent them from escaping,” (Hadley, “How to Trap Fruit Flies).

Here are the two most effective methods for DIY Fruit Fly Catchers:

1. The Funnel

This one uses fruit as the bait and the paper funnel works as both the entrance and the trap.


  • One Jar
  • Duct tape
  • A piece of construction paper
  • A slice of fruit: apple, banana, any fruit you desire

Super Simple Instructions: Place the piece of fruit in the jar. Form the paper into a funnel and loosen the grip so it is the width of the jar. Pay close attention to the opening at the bottom of the funnel at the point. Make sure it’s as small as you can get it, like a pinpoint. For extra measures, tape around the jar, where the paper meets the glass.

For an image and more instruction visit The Idea Room here.

2. Beer Jar

The beer jar hones in on the scent senses of the fruit fly, much like’s vinegar tip. You could also make this with apple cider vinegar, a plastic cup and plastic wrap and it would be just as effective.

We found the best instruction from Curbly. To read the whole post with pictured instructions click here.


  • One medium sized jar with lid – or – one drinking glass/bowl and some plastic wrap
  • Hammer and nail
  • 1/2 cup beer


1). Since we wanted to use and reuse our trap all summer, we opted for a Mason jar. If you don’t keep any on hand, any food jar will do, or you can use a drinking glass, and a piece of plastic wrap as the lid.

2). Punch a series of holes in the lid using nail or awl. Make them big enough to allow the fly in, but not so big that it will be easy for them to escape.

3). Fill the container with about a half cup of beer, or to whatever fills the container halfway. If you’d rather not use beer, try fruit juice or apple cider vinegar.  Adding a single drop of dishwashing liquid breaks the surface tension on the liquid, resulting in an immediate drown and no swarming around inside the trap.

4). Screw on the lid, then take to the place where they flies are a-hovering…your fruit bowl, pantry, etc. Move any other sweet smelling things to a different location (like the refrigerator), making sure no fruit flies have hitched a ride.

5). Wait. Overnight, the flies will smell the beer, and eventually fly in. They’ll hover around above the liquid, eventually falling in and drowning. Every few days, pour out the flies and some of the liquid, and add more to give it a fresh aroma. Repeat as necessary.