This last summer, my family took a trip to Disney World.  Disney World is a magical experience that hopefully everyone gets a chance to experience in their lifetime. I was lucky enough to go three times prior to bringing my own children. Disney World has grown since I was a child. It has become an over-stimulating, adrenaline crazy, exciting and magical experience. Not only are there a ton of attractions, shows and live displays to absorb, there is also a lot of food; especially desserts.

When we planned our Disney vacation we went back and forth over the dining plan option.  You pay a flat fee for dining and get to pick from a basic plan to a deluxe plan. A dozen friends said to do it and another handful of friends said to go off on your own. We ended up going with a dining plan, because when we did the math it seemed to be cheaper. In hindsight, we should have going ala carte. Not only was the package we picked (snacks, quick service and table service each day) not enough food, every quick service (lunch) and every table service (dinner) had a dessert.  Since we paid for it, we were eating dessert twice a day. My family doesn’t have dessert on a regular basis. Only on special occasions, like a birthday, will we add ice cream, cake or something sweet after they eat their dinner. At Disney World, we were given sugary sweets after lunch and dinner every single day.

Of course children and many adults would love dessert twice a day.  I did not. I found myself eating the dessert because we paid for it. I hate to waste money.  I didn’t want to eat the extra calories and sugar, but it was served to me if I wanted it or not. Most days I ate it or gave it to one of my children. My children are not used to tons of sugary sweets after meals either. I swear they were so hopped up on sugar and the over-stimulation of Disney, their brains were about to burst.  We also had a large amount of French fries in our diet at Disney too. If I had to do it again, I would have more control over what we ordered. I will not sign up for the dining plan again unless we go during the free dining weeks.

When we returned home from this wonderful, magical vacation, it took another week to get back to normal. I found I was bloated, tired and gained several pounds. I know the extra desserts and French fries took its toll on all of us. I can’t wait to visit the Magic Kingdom again and hope to go back in the next several years. It truly is a magical, fun and exhilarating experience. Next time, we will be smart and pay for our own food choices and feel a bit lighter upon returning home.