Woman and cell phone

How many hours a day do you spend in front of your computer? How long can you go without peeking at your iPhone? Do you carry your laptop with you everywhere in the house, including the kitchen? Do you hold in your pee just so you can finish a text message, or wait for one to come in? While watching your kids at the playground, do you fiddle around with apps and games?

Here’s a thought-provoking warning from child psychologist, Sally-Anne McCormack: “Parents who are too attached to technology have the tendency to get disengaged from their kids, thus negatively impacting the entire family.” According to McCormack, it’s about time tech-savvy moms and dads dedicate a few hours of family quality time without plugging into technology. Even when you are physically present but are busy doing work of your own, you’re not really there.

Kidsafe Victoria, a child accident prevention foundation, says that a young child’s health and safety could easily be put in jeopardy when a parent’s attention is divided, especially in activities like bathing, changing or cooking.

The founder of Early Life Foundations, Kahty Walker, states that parents need to refocus themselves less on their phone calls and text messages and more on their children. Your kids can sense when you are not giving a hundred percent of your attention, and they feel unimportant when all you offer are distracted glances up from your gadget.

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John Mueller, Professor of Applied Psychology and Psychology at the University of Calgary says that modern technology has infiltrated homes and workplaces, upping productivity, but not everyone can survive it.

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