I recently purchased Eat This Not That! Restaurant Survival Guide by David Zinczenko (Copyright 2010). Click here to view more information on the book.

WOW. That’s all I could say when I read the first page. In the front of the book it lists the best and worst restaurant foods in America. Without further ado, here are the 10 worst meals you can eat while dining out:

Worst Pizza Slice: Sbarro Stuffed Pepperoni 960 calories, 42g fat, 3,200 mg sodium/Photo Credit here


Worst Sandwich: Chili’s Buffalo Chicken Crisper Bites 1,620 calories, 100 g fat, 5,380 mg sodium

Worst Wrap: TGI Friday’s BBQ Chicken Wrap 1,720 calories

Worst Burger: Applebee’s Quesadilla Burger 1,820 calories, 46 g saturated fat, 4,410 mg sodium/Photo Credit here

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Worst Chinese Food Meal: PF Chang’s Crispy Honey Shrimp 2,110 calories, 70g fat, 1,1815 mg sodium

Worst Seafood Dish: Culver’s North Atlantic Cod Fillet Meal 2,121 calories, 135 g fat, 2,568 mg sodium/ Photo Credit here


Worst Salad: California Pizza Kitchen Thai Crunch Salad with Fresh Avocado 2,238 calories

Worst Tacos: On the Border Dos XX Fish Tacos with creamy red chile sauce 2,350 calories, 152g fat, 4,060mg sodium/ Photo Credit here


Worst Pasta: Cheesecake Factory Bistro Shrimp Pasta 2,819 calories, 77 g saturated fat, 1,008 mg sodium, 184g carbohydrates

Worst Food in America: Outback Steakhouse Baby Back Ribs 3,021 calories, 242g fat, 4,648 mg sodium

An average calorie intake for a man is 2,500 and for a woman is 1,800.  Most of these cover that in one meal! The average sodium intake is around 2,400 mg, again most of these cover that in one serving.

It is important to eat smart when you dine out.  Just because you order a salad doesn’t mean you are getting a low calorie meal.  Most restaurants have options that are lower in calories.  They are also getting better about listing the nutrition facts on the menu, but when in doubt ask or look it up before you go via other calorie counting websites!