A healthy heart is the foundation for a healthy life. We think the best way to get in shape is by listening to your heart. However, we know every heart is different – different sizes, different strengths, different structures. Digifit solutions help improve your heart’s performance and health by giving you insight into your heart. The solution includes the best fitness mobile apps on the market for iPhone, iPad and  iPod touch  combined with a full web portal, all tied to an interactive network of some of the most innovative partners in the health and fitness world.

By helping you develop your own personal heart rate zones, tracking cardio exercise, daily activityblood pressureweight, and sleep patterns, you get a complete view of essential aspects of your health and how heart fitness plays a role. You can make informed decisions based on real personal knowledge, whether it is about how hard to train, how many calories per day to eat, or even how to manage that stress level.

The benefits of cardio fitness and heart zone training are proven whether you are a competitive athlete trying to improve performance or the average person trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This device has definitely helped me get the most out of my workouts!!! I have NEVER used a heart monitor before so at first it felt a little strange, but I got used to it and loved seeing the results. I knew when to push harder and when to back off. During a workout, the Digifit iPhone app can clue you into your own progress with voice announcements, vibrations, and push notifications. You can customize what kind of prompts you receive, if at all, and when. For example, you can set the Digifit to announce when you’ve hit your first mile, or to vibrate after 20 minutes, or to push a notification to the locked screen when your heart rate hits a certain number of beats per minute.

At the end of a workout, the app reveals the distance and pace you went. It can be used for walking, spinning, running…..you name it!!! You can then sign up online and sync all your information so it is easier to monitor visually!! It reminds me of Fitbit but more amped up!! The wireless heart rate monitor puts it above and beyond any fitness app I have previously used. Please note you must have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod to use. I LOVE being held accountable for my workouts and Digifit is a great device to help me stay accountable!!!

Digifit is offering a free heart rate monitor to a lucky SKINNY MOM reader!!!

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