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The past two weeks on Weight Watchers have not been the greatest for me. Not so much because of the diet, but mostly because I was just too busy to follow the program the way that I needed to in order to be successful. For starters, my husband had reconstructive knee surgery on the 16th. For the first week to 10 days, he was very limited and needed help with literally everything from ice packs to stretches to showers, and let’s not forget the basics like getting him food and drink. In addition, I also had my son to take care of, my full-time job still to do, a butt-load of homework for school and, because I knew my husband wouldn’t be able to travel, I volunteered to host Thanksgiving at my house.

Between the care-taking, the homework-doing, the grocery shopping, the cleaning, and the cooking, I honestly found myself with the time and energy to only work out four times in the past two weeks. In addition to the lack of activity, all of the stress and exhaustion led me to enjoy one too many glasses of wine on Thanksgiving and some pie that I initially swore I would not eat.

Because I wasn’t able to leave my husband alone last week, I missed that Weight Watchers meeting and went into this week’s meeting terrified! Luckily, the scale showed that I was only up 1 pound since the last weigh in (which had been two weeks prior). I had two ways I could look at this; #1 – I could be positive and realize that maybe I did not do as bad as I thought I had, and reassure myself that if falling off track for two weeks only comes with a 1 pound punishment, imagine the rewards staying on track from now on could bring or #2 – I could drive to my house in tears with a mind full of all the pounds I still have to lose and what a failure I am. I chose the first one.

Truth is, we all fall and we all fail. For those who are mothers and wives, we all have days and sometimes even weeks when we find it just necessary to put ourselves last and deal with the consequences of doing so. Do I wish that the sale would have said -4 pounds versus +1 pound? Of course I do, but it didn’t, and I can’t go back and change a thing. The only thing that I can do is move forward and try to do better going forward.