They dared me to run like hell and that’s exactly what I did!

On May 12, 2012, Las Vegas sinners had a chance to run the Devil Dash Sin City, a sin themed 5K obstacle mud run.  You know the 7 deadly sins, right?  Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride.  All the bad stuff, but in a fun and twisted running event.  Makes you want to watch Brad Pitt in Se7en.

My hubby and I had been excited for weeks to conquer Satan’s Steeple, bathe in the “Blood Bath”, leap through Dante’s Inferno Rings of Fire, and more!  This was our first ever obsctacle event.  The hubby was stoked to learn of the Beer Garden of Eden that awaited us at the finish line.  Incentive.

The actual course was located in Boulder City, a small town about 20 miles away from glittery Las Vegas, at Bootleg Canyon.  Shortly after our arrival, I noticed the rocky terrain on the trails we were about to embark, and the temperature was nearly 90° at 9 AM.  T’was a hot day for a devil’s playground party!

There was live music, food trucks, vendors, and race tents setup onsite at Race Headquarters.  We immediately checked-in at the packet pick-up tent, attached our bibs and race chips, secured our beer wristands, and headed over to gear check prior to our race time of 10 AM.  The Devil Dash site did encourage participants to wear costumes, and boy were there some characters out!

The extreme heat, the rocky trails, and obstacles made for an interesting run.  I’ll admit some of the obstacles had me shaken, because they literally felt unstable.  I also managed a pretty narly rope burn down the  “Slippery Slope to Hell”.  However, we forged on and we made it through alive with a TEAM time of 53 minutes and 58 seconds.  Emphasize on team, as I did wait for the hubby and our friend to finish the race together.  Plus, we stopped at every hydration statation.  Just sayin’!  From one mama to the next, here are my tips for your Devil Dash adventure should you choose to be so bold!

Tips for Devil Dash (from our experience):

  • Sign up early – The early times sold out fast!  Lock in an early wave time to beat the desert heat.
  • Do dress up in costume – I’m sure the experience is more fun when you look like a clown or a devilish diva!  We will be in full sinful attire next race.
  • Do bring an extra change of clothes – Don’t leave them in the car like we did.  Keep your items in a recognizable bag for an easy gear check experience. Oh, and bring a trash bag for your race clothes.
  • Bring a towel – Showers are availalbe after the race
  • Be prepared to donate your shoes – Wear old tennis shoes, you won’t want your shoes after the race.  Trust me!  The race coordinators kindly had the Salvation Army available after the race.
  • Bring your flip flops – You’ll need them for after you donate your shoes!
  • Bring cash for food and beer
  • Have fun!





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