When it comes to natural abilities, I have very few. I’m not naturally artistic, athletic, or brilliant.  I typically learn things from doing them wrong the first time and making such a faux paux, I never forget how to do them after! And although I’ve come a long way from serving my husband raw scrambled eggs (which I’ve done) and “mush” (endearing name he gave a dish I made after eating it), I’m really not a cook either.

I don’t consider myself the kind of mom who “has it all together” and I’m sure that’s one thing my mother-in-law would agree with me on!Ha Ha! I sometimes forget things like bath time and have let my kids lay around in their pajamas all day when it’s raining outside.  I can’t ride a bike outside with my kids without screaming then falling, and when playing ball, no matter the size, I am always afraid of the it. I have been known to not separate my clothes into any type of categories other than “wash it” and tend to make people cringe when folding things due to my lack of actually knowing how to fold things.

While I can’t deny that I’m no Betty Crocker, Martha Stewart, or Serena Williams, I do possess one thing that will always allow me to improve upon any situation.  It’s called determination.