The fact that sitting for hours on end is detrimental to our health should not come as a surprise. Our bodies were not made to sit. We were made to hunt and gather food, which takes ample movement, strength and endurance. This lifestyle is no longer practical, or considered sane, but it is what our bodies were made to do.  Nowadays our bodies are doing the exact opposite of what our hunter-gatherer ancestors did by spending our days sitting in chairs. Chairs hurt our posture and our waistline. This is why we are bringing you alternative desk chairs for your office at home or work.

Gaiam: Ball for the Classic Balance Ball Chair: First things first. The most basic alternative to the standard desk chair is an exercise, balance or yoga ball. They look like giant beach balls but have much more structure and stability. When sitting on one of these balls at your desk you are forced to constantly move to balance and stabilize. More importantly, it takes away your back support and makes you correct your posture.

gaiam exercise ball

Gaiam: Classic Balance Ball ChairIf you want to take the balance ball a step further, go for the balance ball chair! It offers the convenience of a rolling desk chair with the added bonus of the stability ball as seat. This chair engages your core. Over time, this chair can help with your comfort and spinal alignment.


gaiam ball chair

Ergo Ease Utility Stool: For those of us who may need a more conventional alternative chair, try a backless stool. The backs of chairs are what enable our slouching and make us dependent on the back of the chair for stability rather than the muscles in our back and core.

ergo stool

Wood Kneeling Office ChairA kneeling chair may look funny at first but the benefits definitely outweigh the risks of getting strange looks. These chairs support proper breathing and greatly help with circulation.

wood kneeling office chair

Neutral Posture Ongo Chair: The Ongo Chair offers a neutral position and promotes movement. This unique chair also improves concentration and is conducive to a healthier workday. It pushes you to add more movement into your day and can improve your health!

ongo chair

ErgoErgo Ergonomic SeatNo, it is not a slinky. It is actually an ErgoErgo chair! This chair allows your body to move and stretch freely while at your desk. If you have chronic back or pelvis pain, this seat can help to combat it.

ergoergo orange

TECHNI MOBILI: Cadmus Mobile Laptop Stand: BONUS! If you are looking to avoid sitting altogether, here is an affordable, standing desk that can let you kiss back pain good-bye. This desk is also mobile which makes it the perfect addition to a busy mom’s kitchen. It would be so convenient to set your laptop on while exploring the new Skinny Mom recipes. It is also adjustable to suit all different heights!

techni mobili