Gosh, I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already.  Today the give away is a video called, Pilates For Runners.  It is a great video to do in addition to your running.

Let me just step on my core soapbox for a second and then I will tell you how to win the video.  The core is the most important part of the body.  It is the center and helps to control all movement.  If the core is weak you are most likely going to get injured or you already are…consider this if you have a weak core; you most likely have weak hips; which leads to weak knees; which leads to weak ankles and then to weak feet. The chain is all connected.  I have a ton of clients tell me I have a strong core…really they don’t.  Doing 1000 sit ups does not give you a strong core.  The core is not only your abs but your back also; when I teach a core type class I also incorporate glut exercises…did you know that weak glutes are one of the BIGGEST reasons for bad/sore knees.  So, get your core in check and the rest will follow.

Oh so how do you get today’s prize?  Tell me right here why or why not you don’t do core and what type of core exercises you do.  Oh and if you don’t win the video, I highly recommend that you purchase it…it is great and I have been doing it 3-4 times a week and notice a difference.  Check out http://www.tarbellpilates.com/ for all of her videos.  I can’t say enough about Laura’s professionalism and content…it’s excellent.