If you are helping prepare the meal, then go “Skinny”!  There are dozens and dozens of delicious recipes that taste just as good (or better) than the full fat and sugary versions.  We know that pastas come in fiber enriched and whole grain options, which sometimes enhance the flavors! That goes for breads too…all those white flours turn straight into sugar…and we know we will be having a dessert here and there later. Other great options are swapping the oil for apple sauce and zucchini and sweet potatoes for filler and flours.Just by swapping out a few ingredients here and there you can save between 500-1200 calories for an entire meal depending on the serving and the portion sizes.

My secret? I don’t’ even tell my guests that it is the “skinny” version until after the meal is over, and trust me they will not even be able to tell the difference!

Day 9 Skinny Workout:

Complete each move as many times as you can in a 1 minute period and then move directly to the next move, no rest. Rest for the 5th minute, then repeat sequence 3 more times for a 20 total minute workout!

1.) 3 point kicks (front-side-back) & alternate legs

2.) one-leg deadlifts

3.) booty bridge

4.) walking lunges

5.) rest

What are your go to Skinny Swaps?