Park a sizable distance from the mall and bring a pedometer to count your steps. Better yet, set a goal for steps you want to walk. Remember every 1,000 steps burns off 100 calories.

Don’t waste time as you bake! Put that sports bra and workout top on before the apron. With your downtime, as you wait to switch out cookies, get some calisthenics in. It’s perfectly timed so you can pick a couple exercises (burpees, high knees, crunches) to do in intervals.

Don’t stress out over working out– that can totally deplete your energy and the work you just put in! Purchase a heart rate monitor or find a calculator online before you go shovel the snow, hang your lights, or run around the snow with your kiddos. You will be surprised how easy it is to stay active!

Complete each move as many times as you can in a 1 minute period and then move directly to the next move, no rest. Rest for the 5th minute, then repeat sequence 3 more times for a 20 total minute workout!


1.) walking lunges

2.) bicep curls

3.) lateral raises

4.) plie squats

5.) rest