Rather than focus on the mouth-watering dessert or creamy pasta dinner, make your lunch a little merrier. Prepare a great dinner the night before (using your Skinny recipes) and use if for lunch. Skinny swap some pastas using cauliflower, light sauces, etc. and indulge in the day. Pack a a couple squares of dark chocolate for after lunch. This will spike your metabolism and reduce those later cravings–especially, the post-work, Tasmania Devil starvation feel.

Paris and European women are slender not simply because of their genes, but of this very tip. They don’t completely diet…they just have a different eating schedule. Fats and proteins take much longer for your body to break down which can interrupt your sleep if you make your dinner the heftiest, protein-centric meal.

Complete each move as many times as you can in a 1 minute period and then move directly to the next move, no rest. Rest for the 5th minute, then repeat sequence 3 more times for a 20 total minute workout!


1.) bicycle crunch

2.) side planks

3.) weighted standing twists

4.) leg lifts

5.) rest