What better way to get in shape for the new year than to start during the holidays?!

Skinny Mom has put together a 12 Day Challenge to help keep off those unwanted winter pounds.  A little work now, means less work come January. But, just giving you a workout won’t give you the right tools to keep the weight and stress away! That’s why this is also a health-based challenge.

Each day, we will post a healthy tip and a special workout. The tips will range from diet, to fitness and party-going precautions…anything that will help you see results! Daily workouts will offer a variety as well: from cardio to thighs and butts.

The Challenge starts on December 14 and goes through Christmas day. When the challenge finally ends on December 26, email us pictures and type up how you did!

We will be picking two winners based on the responses and the completion of our Social Media challenges.

Winners will be announced January 4!

DAY 12 TIP: Fill Up, Don’t Fill Out
Fill up before you go to the party!  Never go to a party, out to dinner, or to the family’s house before  getting something in your stomach first.  I suggest loading up on veggies, fruit, or a small granola bar before arriving at your destination.  I also recommend drinking an 8 ounce bottle of water before you get there as well.  On your way out the door, grab the bottle of water and drink it on the way.  You will arrive at the party feeling full and won’t be tempted to start snacking right away… or worse, eating everything in sight!
Day 12’s Workout:
Complete each move as many times as you can in a 1 minute period and then move directly to the next move, no rest. Rest for the 5th minute, then repeat sequence 3 more times for a 20 total minute workout!

1.) Wall Sits

2.) Step Ups

3.) Plie Squats

4.) Lunges

5.) Rest

Have anything to add to this Day 12 Tip? We’d love to hear it!!