Hello, single ladies. We know that you don’t need a man to validate you–you can stand on your own just fine. And the same goes for celebrating Valentine’s Day! Here are some fun ways to date your fabulous self this February 14.
1. Volunteer: Spread the love by doing good for others. Small acts of kindness will make your heart warm.
2. Bake: Time to get those Pinterest recipes ready! Try out our Best Ever Red Velvet Cake for a yummy dessert you can share with your girlfriends.
3. Movies:  If there is a movie your just dying to see, go by your self. It isn’t as scary as it seems.
4. Hike:  If the weather is nice where you are, enjoy it. Get in touch with your thoughts and nature at the same time. Not to mention you’ll burn tons of calories. Enjoy those good endorphins!
5. Beach Day: If you don’t have to work, head down to the beach and get some sunshine, soak up that vitamin D. Going for a run is even better. Exercise is the best way to lift spirits up.
6. Invite the gals over: Have them bring their favorite bottle of wine and dish out the girl talk. Girl time can be so much fun.
7. Wine and Dine: Wine and dine yourself, you deserve it. If you don’t want go out by yourself, make a delicious meal at home complete with candles and wine! Try one of our 12 Tried and True Slow Cooker Meals. Slow cooking allows you to throw your ingredients together and not worry about it until your ready to eat. Go out and have some “me time” while its cooking.
8. Shop til’ you drop:  Splurge and get yourself a little something. Maybe a pair of shoes, a hair accessory, a cool hat…something that says I love ME!


9. Make Valentines for friends and family, co-workers: Make someone’s day with a Valentine Card and candy. We have a great list of Valentine’s DIY cards and Crafts that are cute and quirky!
10. Get Flowers: Go to the local florist and pick out a bouquet of your favorite flowers. Bring them to the office or brighten up your home!
11. Spa Day: Massage, mani and pedi… we all need a little “me” time. Try out home remedies to save money, we think these 9 DIY Scrubs are amazing!
13. Go Dancing: Take a friend, co-worker, girlfriends, and go out for a night on the town. Not into the club scene? Dance at home with Beyonce’s Single Ladies on repeat… we won’t tell!