vitamin d

Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients for our bodies, as it provides strong bones, improved mood and even helps with weight loss. Although chowing down on some fancy fish or drinking a glass of milk at dinner can also help to improve these things, if you’re not getting enough of Vitamin D, the symptoms may be much more difficult to nail down than you thought. That’s why we got the lowdown from Women’s’ Health Magazine on the symptoms of being Vitamin D deficient.

Muscle Weakness: If you’re hitting the gym and noticing your body isn’t as strong as it normally is, that could be a sign of a Vitamin D deficiency. If you’re muscles aren’t getting enough Vitamin D, they can become weaker, making it difficult to lift nearly as much as you’re used to. To help pump up your Vitamin D before hitting the gym, try one of these yummy egg recipes.

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Sleepiness: If you’re feeling extremely sluggish when 2 p.m. rolls around, this could be another sign of a Vitamin D deficiency. A study in 2012 from the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine showed that lower levels of Vitamin D were connected to an increased level of daytime sleepiness.

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High Blood Pressure: Did you know that not getting enough Vitamin D can also spike your blood pressure? Vitamin D is an important component to regulating blood pressure, and not getting enough of it from foods like salmon or eggs, can be very harmful to your heart health. For a delicious salmon recipe that can stabilize your blood pressure while tantalizing your tastebuds, click here.

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Mood Sensitivity: A decrease in Vitamin D can also lead to a decrease in your serotonin levels, often causing extreme moodiness. So before you go blaming your cranky or depressing mood on your monthly visitor, first make sure you’re getting enough of Vitamin D.

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Stress Fractures: Bones attribute much of their strength to Vitamin D, thereby increasing the risk for stress fractures in those who are Vitamin D deficient. To increase your Vitamin D levels, try a tall glass of milk during the day, or enjoy some Greek yogurt as a healthy snack. Looking for more of a meal to up your dosage? Try one of these 10 delicious egg recipes for a vitamin/flavor, win-win situation.

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While we all know that dieting usually means cutting back on certain foods, it’s important to still maintain a healthy level of vitamins and nutrients in your daily eating habits. For 10 ways to cut calories without slashing nutrition, click here.