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I am a huge baked goods lover — especially bread — any type, kind or size and if it’s sugar coated, more so. I live above a bakery so it’s pretty much what I see and smell (ooh the smells) all day long. I had gotten into a routine that every afternoon I would go and get some sweet rolls. I would have them with coffee for my afternoon snack. Even though I have a healthy and balanced diet, this was just such a guilty pleasure I couldn’t let go until my pants got a little tight and I had my wake up call. It was time to stop and get it together, so I decide to give up all wheat products, bread, cakes, cookies, etc. I went cold turkey and it was painful.


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If you are anything like me, as soon as you can’t eat something specific, you crave it more and feel like you can’t live without it. That’s what happened first, I couldn’t figure out what to eat that did not involve any type of wheat product it. It was like there was no other food in the planet, so I figured I needed something sweet and started to eat carrot sticks, almonds with raisins instead and this worked. It wasn’t great, but it got me through the day.

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For the first five days I had awful headaches. I once had to give up coffee and it did not feel as bad — these headaches would not go away. They took residence in me until I guess they decided that my willpower was stronger and went away. After five days I was getting there, and then came the weekend for me and my family to let go of our diets a bit. We are on a relaxed mode. We have pancakes for breakfasts and maybe pizza for dinner. My daughter has a friend over and I bake some cookies or brownies. It would not have been fair to make them do this with me since they weren’t the ones eating sweet rolls every afternoon, so I baked cookies and made pancakes, and did not eat them. I survived.

Come Monday I was a new person. I lost two pounds and felt lighter. I really did feel better, and after a couple of weeks I was completely ok with not eating wheat products. For breakfast instead of bread I had oatmeal. For snacks I had veggies and nuts. For those meals that “require” bread I just had them without. Today I do have baked goods once in a while, I still eat cake at birthdays and had burgers with bread while watching the Superbowl, but now I choose healthier options and it’s like a special treat. Also, I buy less bread at home and don’t bake quite as often. It’s been a good thing and I feel great.

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