The sport of fitness has arrived!

Have you seen the commercials? Crossfit is everywhere and it is hugely popular. So what’s the deal and is it something you should try? I wondered that earlier this year when I signed up to learn from a friend and neighbor who began training clients out of his garage. From day one, I would leave those workouts sore, sweaty and in a shorter amount of time than I had ever completed a workout before. In a very short time, Build Up Crossfit has outgrown the confines of a home garage and moved into a fully affiliated Crossfit facility. And I’m lucky enough to call the trainers friends. After letting one of those friends, owner Dave Eaton, kick my tail this afternoon, I got to interview another trainer, Kristi Rogers, about the phenomenon of Crossfit.

  • What is it about Crossfit that has made it so popular? – It has turned working out into a sport.  Every day is a scored workout.  You are either judged on a certain number of rounds in an allotted time or a time you complete a list of tasks. Somehow, competition brings out intensity in people…more so than you see in a gym all by themselves.
    Your scores are posted on the board for everyone to see. That little bit of accountability also produces intensity.  The atmosphere is fun and in groups. Everyday the workout is different, never boring. It really feels like you are participating in a sport instead of working out.
  •  Crossfit is so physically demanding. Do you recommend it for everyone? -Yes, all the workouts are scalable to everyone’s ability.  The 65 year old needs to squat just like the 20 year old. If they can’t, they can’t get off the toilet and off to the nursing home they go.  An example of a scaled exercise is the pull up.  If they can’t do a pull up, they can use a band for assistance. If they can’t use the band, they can do jumping pull ups. If they can’t do a jumping pull up they can do a ring row. The intensity of the exercises are scaled also.  The 65 yr old does not move through the workouts with the same
    intensity as the 20 yr old. But that is also the beauty of Crossfit. You are competing with yourself, as well. You are trying to improve time and weights used in each workout.
  • How important is diet to Crossfit training? -Very important.  It is a huge part of training in Crossfit.  Usually, the athletes that don’t start out with an intention to diet quickly find themselves paying attention out of necessity to fuel their bodies with proper nutrition to get thought the weeks and months of Crossfit training. Crossfit advocates Paleo or Zone diets…eating clean, well-balanced diets.

Start with this one at home and then give your local Crossfit gym a try. Remember, strong is the new skinny:)

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