homemade valentine's day gifts

February 14th is a distinguished day in our country – a day to celebrate love, romance, and relationships in the name of St. Valentine. A day to show our appreciation and satisfaction we feel toward our partners, a day to recognize each other for the love, support, and commitment we share with one another. Some of us exchange gifts, others exchange time and special attention, and some of us have simply run out of ideas of what to give our significant other this year!

If you’re feeling stuck (and a little strapped for cash), here are 15 creative & inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts for him/her. This year, choose to celebrate simplicity with your Valentine. Spend time, not money, both on your gift and with your man.

  1. Framed picture with “14 reasons why I love you” written on the matte
  2. Framed picture with song lyrics (maybe your wedding song?) written on the matte
  3. Collage frame with your favorite pictures of each other, and include a few notes about these memories
  4. Sweet dreams gift package (pajama set, soft pillow cases, sleep eye mask wrapped in a pink/red bow)
  5. Valentine’s Day wrapping paper (create your own wrapping paper with a personalized message, a love poem, or a love song)
  6. Valentine treat coffee mugs/traveling mugs filled with V-Day treats
  7. Bookworm set (create your own Valentine’s Day bookmark, and add a new book and reading light bundled in a pink/red bow)
  8. Romantic dinner for two with a Valentine’s Day centerpiece (candle hearts surrounding an old-fashioned message in a bottle)
  9. Create your own fortune (buy & decorate to-go rice boxes and make fortune cookies with personalized fortunes)
  10. Personalized M&Ms
  11. Man/Woman/Friend of the year award with a sentimental letter explaining why
  12. Sexy photo shoot for your man’s eyes only (a picture is worth a thousand words, right?)
  13. Spice up the bedroom with fresh sheets, flowers, candles, low-lighting, lingerie and enjoy the night in
  14. Sexy dice game (create your own rules, be spontaneous, and have fun!)
  15. Treat yourself to a couple’s massage performed by each other and have take-out dinner in bed

Let’s keep this list going, ladies! For more Valentine’s Day gift ideas, check out Cupid’s Collection: 49 Gifts to Give or Receive!