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As a busy mom, it’s hard to find time to get in a workout. We’ve been conditioned to think we need to carve out an hour five days a week to see results. It’s easy to give up when homework, carpools and other activities are also priorities. There are mornings I turn off my alarm clock and don’t get up to work out. Get creative with your fitness plan, don’t just give in! Your kids will also see you choosing a healthy path and will want to follow your example. Remember, little amounts DO add up toward reaching your overall fitness goal. Effort you put in throughout the day counts toward your overall health! Here are a few ideas I use to get my fitness on.

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If you don’t have 20-25 minutes of time to work out, here are some easy ideas to get your heart going.

  • Run up and down your stairs for 2 minutes, rest 30 seconds and repeat.
  • Do walking lunges down the hall, forward and back.
  • Park your car in the farthest spot and walk to the store.
  • Power walk with your kids to school or have a family walk to the park.
  • When doing laundry, do 10 squats for each load you pick up and put away. Do squats by your desk. Sit quietly and focus on your breathing.
  • While helping with homework or watching TV, take breaks every five minutes and do 10 pushups and/or 10 tricep dips (off the couch or chair), 20 jumping jacks, 30-second planks or 20 crunches.

If you have 20-25 minutes to work up a sweat, try the following. Do each set back-to-back with a 10-second rest between exercises. Focus on form and repeat the entire sequence three times.

First set:

Second set

Third set

Fourth set

  • 20 seconds of squats. If possible, try burpee squats.
  • 10 second rest
  • Plank – hold for as long as possible without compromising form

End session with several minutes of stretching.