For some, pregnancy was an easy breeze; for others, it was non-stop toilet hugging.  Many of us just felt so blessed that we really didn’t care how we got through it. Most of us probably were anxious as we made it toward the last few weeks. Remember that first visit when your OB tells you that you are dilated… and then the second visit… and then the third? Most of us had our suitcases packed and cameras charged for weeks before our children arrived. The end of pregnancy makes us so uncomfortable, anxious and HUGE, let alone excited to meet this baby, that the thought about doing some crazy things to get labor started has probably entered every mother’s mind.

You know, those little things you heard about that might help get you on your way to meeting your new baby. Here are some crazy ways women try to induce labor.

Castor oil: Castor oil is used to ease constipation and can includes effects like vomiting, diarrhea and contractions in the uterus, which can induce labor. Seems crazy enough to work!

Spicy food: Can you say indigestion? Like castor oil, spicy food can evoke your digestive system and cause contractions in the uterus.

Laxatives: What a messy labor! The same idea behind castor oil and spicy food is behind laxatives as well: that it will disrupt your intestines and create contractions in your uterus.

Sex: If you can stand having sex at 40 weeks pregnant, go for it! Sperm contains hormones that can help thin and dilate the cervix, ripening it for delivery. What’s more, an orgasm releases the hormone oxytocin, which can trigger contractions. If nothing else, it would make for an amusing tension reliever!

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Nipple stimulation: Ok, this one might work, but ouch! Actually, stimulating your nipples can release the oxytocin, which can lead to uterine contractions. However, most doctors don’t recommend nipple stimulation, because it can cause long and painful contractions and affect the fetal heart rate of your baby.

Acupuncture: This old art can stimulate uterine activity and give your baby the gentle nudge she needs to get going!

Acupressure: So the idea of acupuncture sounds pretty good, except for the fact that you hate needles. No worries — you can try acupressure instead! It’s the same concept, just using two fingers on your pressure points instead of needles.

What are some crazy labor-inducing stories you’ve heard (or experienced first-hand)? Share with us in the comments below!