One of my favorite snacks is a perfectly ripe tomato, some mozzarella, and a little basil. Drizzle with a bit of balsamic glaze and it’s even more heavenly. I never liked tomatoes until the first year I lived abroad in Italy. You can’t run from caprese there. There were so many remixes of this snack that you could never be bored with it.

bruschetta copy

Bruschetta as we know it isn’t the same bruschetta I ordered in a small, northern Italian town. There, it’s more like a homemade pizza. An oval-shaped French bread with a little marinara, cut baby tomatoes, melted buffalo mozzarella and leaves of fresh basil haphazardly placed on top and baked to perfection. I haven’t been able to recreate it to the same excellence as the Italians, but when I hear bruschetta, it’s the first thing I think of.


Another of my favorite uses for caprese is on the all-American cheeseburger. Swap cheddar for mozzarella, add a cut tomato, and a few basil leaves as the lettuce. What makes for an even more mouth watering burger are small pieces of mozzarella mixed with your protein and leaving it to marinade in balsamic for a few hours before cooking. (Photo credit)


Looking for a fun, healthy dinner that will get the kids excited? I love making these Skinny Mini Caprese Pizzas! They are easy enough for any night of the week or even an after school snack, while being fun enough for a Friday night!


Need an easy appetizer? Wrap the cheese, baby tomatoes and a basil leaf in prosciutto. Stick it with a toothpick voila! Or swap the tomato for your favorite squash in the cooler months for a real remix. Even trade the balsamic in any recipe for pesto and your taste buds will thank you. (Photo credit)

There’s no way you can go wrong with caprese. It’s full of antioxidants, calcium, and good-for-you sugars. It’s the perfect side dish, a great appetizer, and key elements to any main dish!