Let’s face it, when it comes to working out on Valentine’s Day, one of the most common setbacks for people is not wanting to take time away from their significant other. This year, instead of wasting the day away on chocolates and wine, why not knock out a win-win situation by getting in a workout AND still spending some quality time? These workout suggestions will not only help you to scorch the calories of Valentine’s Day dinner to come, but will also create a heart pounding platform from which your Valentine’s Day libido can leap!

Boot Camp Classes… Boot camp classes solve the age old excuse from most men when it comes to doing a class with you, meaning the complaint that it’s too “girly”.  The newest boot camp classes available are tailored to everyone; male and female. With workouts ranging from jumping jacks to suicides to burpees to push ups and squats, classes are challenging enough to leave you both feeling satisfied and coming back for more!

TRX Training Classes…Few workouts can prepare you for an evening full of bedroom acrobatics much like an exercise class based on suspension training. A workout born from the training of Navy SEALS, TRX training provides a full body workout with the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer. Want a little extra fun? Purchase a TRX Training system for your home and see what other uses you can find for those bands!

Dance Classes… We’ve all watched at least one episode of Dancing with the Stars and thought in the midst of a sexy salsa, “Damn that’s hot!” So why not try it for yourself? With dance rapidly evolving into the new “it” workout, there are studios almost everywhere. While it may take a few classes to get the steps under your belt, the music and intimate physical interaction alone is enough to ignite fireworks between you and your significant other.

Jogging… While it may depend on your location in the world as to whether or not a jog outside is even possible, if you’re not buried waist deep in snow and ice, a jog outside with your partner may be just what you both need to boost your moods. Want to make the jog even better? Check your local paper for the time of sunset that evening and spend Valentine’s Day literally running off into the sunset with your man.

Gym Buddy… Just because you prefer the gym to some fancy class or a chilly run outside doesn’t mean you can’t still turn the workout into an engaging experience. If you both prefer the gym, head there ASAP and workout on what I like to call, the sexy buddy system. Meaning, whisper to him that if he can just do 3 more reps, you’ll do, “That thing he likes” (whatever that thing may be). Or create a challenge; whoever can knockout the four mile run on the treadmill the fastest gets a full-body massage from the loser.

Sexual Healing… Okay, so sex isn’t technically a workout, but it can still burn off some calories. The average woman will burn about 149 calories during a 30 minute sexual session. This burn can obviously be increased depending on position preference and added enthusiasm. So to put it bluntly, put your woman on top skills into action and let your hips remind him of at least one of the reasons he loves you so much!

So remember, before you sizzle up some steak, pass out the chocolates and pop open the bottle of wine, create a calorie deficit and a little quality time for you and your man. Your waistline and your sex drive will thank you for it later!