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So, as many of you know I am in the crunch time of my wedding prep and have been doing a mix of Brooke’s diet, the Insanity program and the Ultimate NY Body Plan in an effort to get the last 15-20 lbs off this body before my wedding/honeymoon in October. Last weekend went great. I ate great, I felt great, and I powered through a 90 minute workout. However, Sunday morning I woke up in pain. I told my fiance’ I felt as if I’d gotten beaten by a dozen people and my back was a mess. Well, Sunday night it was worse and by Wednesday I could barely even walk upright! Knowing that I had an all day sightseeing tour in Washington DC with my son that Friday, I drove to the Dr. ASAP to find out what was up.

After a careful examination, the doctor reminded me that I had arthritis in my low back and all through my right hip. I nodded, wondering what that had to do with this horrible pain. He continued on to say that whatever I had been doing caused all of the muscles  in my low back, hips and all along my spine through my mid back to become inflamed. I explained my routine to him, which is when the bad news began to pour!

He went on to say that I should avoid the treadmill and try the elliptical instead. I should avoid weight training and do Yoga and Pilate’s for my strength training.I should not be doing anymore plyo workouts oh yeah – and I should not sit for long periods of time… HA! This immediately amused me considering The Insanity workout is nothing but plyo, my other equipment is, yep you guessed it – a treadmill and weights, oh yeah and let us not forget that I have a job where I am sitting and typing for 8-10 hours a day!!

So per his advice, and quite honestly my pain, I took the week off from working out and took my prescribed meds like a good girl. This Sunday of course led to a 2lb weight gain despite still eating clean!! Ugh!! So wish me luck mama’s, looks like my countdown to the wedding will be a tough one. Tonight I plan to do some light step aerobics and one of my yoga DVD’s and hope for the best.

Anyone out there who could offer some words of inspiration or success stories on a yoga weightloss.. please send them my way. I am feeling quite discouraged this week and my mind is telling my body without plyo, running and weights, I will never hit my goal.