After testing positive for a pregnancy test, it’s a rush of emotions. Whether the pregnancy was planned or not there are myriad feelings so if the pregnancy ends in a miscarriage, no matter how early, it’s a very painful process. For many women, working through those emotions and the physical toll a miscarriage takes can be a lonely process. Here are ways to help you cope if you’re finding it difficult.

Don’t be afraid to share your pain. Many women are afraid to acknowledge a loss when it’s very early, but even a 6 week pregnancy is a pregnancy, and for however long or little of time you were pregnant, you were a being’s mom! Honor that and if it makes you feel better to speak of it, then find friends or online communities to share your loss.


Take the time to grieve as your physical body heals. Some miscarriages happen “naturally” and can feel like awful periods, some are heavier, and some people have a D&C – which is a surgery and has a recovery time. Take the time to allow your body to heal as your mind and soul do as well.


Respect your doctor’s advice. This can be so difficult when it comes to trying again right away. Some women need time in between pregnancies and that’s okay. Some women want to try again immediately, and that’s okay too. But communicate clearly with your doctor about your goals and desires so that your body can be as strong and healthy as possible.



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