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My daughter loves sweet things. Loves them — possibly more than she loves me. Just kidding, but seriously, what kid doesn’t? And which parent isn’t sick and tired of hearing themselves go on about healthy teeth, how it is not good for their growing bodies, etc.? I know I am. So in our house, sweet things are enjoyed but in moderation, which nowadays takes a lot of work! Sweets are everywhere and everybody loves handing out candy to very thankful little faces. So instead of being the meanie and refusing the sweets, or hiding them away, here are some ideas to combat the battle of the sweets but keep everyone happy.

two kids eating sweets

1. Packaging: In Germany, they have a saying, “The eye eats, too,” meaning that food needs to look good as well as taste good for us to want to eat it. Sweet things mostly look appealing, so look for exciting packaging on healthy food or buy cute dishes and tubs to put healthy snacks into.

2. DIY: Baking together makes them proud of the outcome and can feel like it is a sweet treat even if it is full of healthy sweet swaps like muffins.

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3. Make it an event: We save sweets up in a bowl for the weekend and then look forward to eating them then or going out to buy them together.

4. Be prepared: Make your healthy snacks look the best (these Halloween treats, for example). Kids love fun-looking snacks and you can sneak healthy things into them.

Boo-nana Ghosts

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5. Get everyone on board: My daughter’s kindergarten did a project on healthy eating which interested her much more than me talking to her about eating fewer sweets! They also visit a dentist once a year who tells them about the importance of not eating too much sugar.

6. Let others be the hero: My mother-in-law always has sweets for the girls. There is no point battling this. But she does not see them every day like I do so I let her be the hero and they associate sweets with her, not home.