Picture taken from Greenermiami.com

With summer here, many of us are spending our Saturday mornings or afternoons battling through the Farmer’s Market.  I LOVE everything about this summertime tradition, the obvious reason being the massive amount of healthy, delicious food.  Maybe this is your first summer to venture out into this part of shopping, or perhaps you are a seasoned pro at visiting, but have yet to conquer the market itself.  Here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way to make your Farmer’s Market visit not only successful, but enjoyable.

1. PACK BAGS.  I recommend getting some great reusable totes, found at just about any grocery store today.  I also take a few plastic bags (saved from regular grocery stops) to wrap up my fruits and veggies.

2.  BRING CASH. Some vendors are starting to venture into the world of credit cards, but most are still limited in their technology.  Plus, if you take cash you aren’t at risk for over spending.

3.  BE PREPARED WITH YOUR KIDS.  The Farmer’s Market can be extremely crowded.  If you are brave enough to push a stroller through the crowd, go for it, but be prepared for some slow shopping.  If you have a small child, use a carrier, something like your moby wrap.  If you are with a toddler, you can let them walk, but hold their hand tight.  I know my 2 year old can find herself into a mess with a blink of an eye!!

4. ARRIVE EARLY. Find out what time the market starts, and get there 10 minutes before.  Parking is usually limited, and most of the good stuff goes fast.  It’s a first come first serve business, and once it’s gone….that’s it!!

5. BE COMFORTABLE.  The market isn’t the place to show off your new wedged heels, or adorable coach diaper bag.  Stick to your basic tennis shoes, and a backpack or sling purse.  If there’s a baby emergency, chances are you’ll have to go back to your car anyhow. So you won’t need your survivor baby kit right on hand.

6.  ENJOY YOURSELF!  The market can be a wonderful experience! Get up early, relax, and skip your morning coffee.  Try some homemade donuts, and a cup of refreshing lemonade this Saturday morning under the shade of a tree instead!