This week I climbed a mountain, well mostly crawled up it, but I did get to the top.  I “hiked” Koko Head with a couple of gal pals and I knew it was a rough hike, but I had no clue just how rough.  My friend Annie has done this hike several times and I figured she would not do anything that could kill me, right?  The thing is, I have a fear of heights and bridges. The height thing I can get over with a pep talk, but bridges are game changer.  I start hyperventilating and it goes downhill from there.

Koko Head goes straight up an old incline rail, so you are using railroad ties as stairs.  With 1048 steps to the top, it was like a never ending stairmaster. About 500 steps up there is a trestle bridge over a ravine about 12  feet deep. I panicked, because I was sure there was no way I could cross that bridge. How in the world anyone could cross a bridge  by stepping on rail ties was beyond me. I sat down on a rock next to it and wanted to cry. I decided to text my friends and ask how I can get across this thing. By this time, I had been sitting for 20 minutes and would be crying if I had not sweated all of the of hydration from my body.

At this point, I am mad at myself for being scared and I want to turn around and go to the bottom to wait for my friends, but then I though I cannot give up. I looked around at the people coming down and realize if they can do it so can I,  just at a slow and careful pace.  So I managed to shake and panic my way across the bridge. I still have no clue how I did it, but I did.  Close to the top, I noticed a lady coming down with a baby in a front

Fit Mom rockin Koko Head
pack!  I was shocked and a bit humbled that this mom hiked up with that baby, and here I was about to cry over the bridge!  I will say this was not the normal hiker on this trail, not many children, and I am pretty sure this was the only baby on this trail! I asked this totally fit mom if I could take her picture for my skinnymom blog.

From there, I crawled up the incline and somehow made it to the top.  My girlfriends were waiting about an hour for me at this point, and it was getting REALLY hot.  We all had to hurry back home to get our kids from school, so when I got there I had 5 minutes to take pictures of the AMAZING view that made this hike worth it, and then I started to descend.  It was a very long and hot way down.  My fear of falling slowed me down and made me take every step with care.  My water bottle leaked and I was sunburned, but there was the beautiful sight of my friends waiting for me at the end.  I was only thinking of the air conditioned car I could sit in on the way back and a big glass of water!

I made it to the end and marked Koko Head off my bucket list. I don’t see myself ever doing it again, but I am proud to say I did it.  Now I will go put my feet up and nurse my jello legs!