Everyone starts their fitness journey somewhere, and mine started with workout videos.  Yes videos…as in VHS!

I still remember the first workout videos I ever bought, Denise Austin’s Extralite Aerobics and Extralite Tone Up.  Two super simple workouts designed for beginners.  Those two little videos eventually turned into an entire collection of at home workouts.

After I mastered Denise’s videos, I wanted to try more.  I did some searching online, and I discovered a whole world of fitness video enthusiasts…vidiotsWebsites and message boards filled with (mostly) women discussing the latest trends in at home workouts.  Those wonderful women became some of my first fitness friends.  They introduced me to instructors like Cathe Friedrich, Tracey Mallett, and The Firm.

I became workout video obsessed!!  I couldn’t wait to try the latest releases!  I loved being able to work out in the comfort of my own home.  With a small investment in equipment, I was able to do almost any workout I wanted.  Yoga, Pilates, step, kickboxing, weight lifting – all available at the touch of a button!

I am still a vidiot today, just not quite as obsessed.  Now I tend to focus on heavy lifting and group exercise classes like Turbo Kick.  But I never would have discovered my passion for fitness if I hadn’t picked up that first workout video all those years ago!!