The NPC stands for the National Physique Committee. There are several categories: bikini, figure, physique, and bodybuilding. In the Bikini division, women compete within their height division in a two piece bikini and heels. The goal isn’t to show off a new suit or distracting jewelry, but rather to show all the hard work a competitor has put into preparing to be up on that stage.

Bikini Competition

Photo Credit: NPC News Online

How to start: The best way to get started is by hiring a trainer who has previously worked with bikini athletes. Your trainer will most likely have you doing cardio and weights on the days you workout. The competition diet is very strict and not what most people expect. You will normally eat about every 2-3 hours, and at first it will be more food than you are used to eating.

How to compete: This is the fun part! Once you choose a show to compete in, you will need to think about choosing a suit. The suit needs to be flattering to your body. It may be best to custom order a suit to fit your body type. The judges look at your presentation, front and back poses to judge your balance, shape, and symmetry. They also critique your physical appearance including complexion, skin tone, and poise. It is very important to use a dark tanner in these competitions since it will bring out muscle definition. Making sure your tan looks smooth and even is very important as well. Once judged individually, the judges will then compare competitors in a group. Having a great physique is not all that goes into the completion; presenting it is just as important.

How to live the lifestyle: It is important to be more organized and prepared than ever before, especially for moms. You have to be able to resist the temptations of the kids and husband’s snack foods. If your family chooses not to eat the same things you do, then you have to keep in mind that this is your decision to be healthy and live this lifestyle. If you want to look the part, you certainly have to live the part! There are no shortcuts involved in training for a competition. It will be challenging mentally and physically, but it also teaches you a lot about your abilities and strengths.