I swore I would never compete again.  Actually, I was going to sell my clear plastic heels and return to running marathons.  But, yesterday in the mail I received a flyer for a show that was literally ten minutes from my house.  So, I decided to compete again.

Funny thing is this week is my vacation at the lake full of junk food and alcohol so deciding to compete again before leaving will be interesting.  I’m pretty sure that the thoughts of me in a bikini on stage will race through my mind every time that I think of drinking or eating something gross.  The best thing about vacation is that I have PLENTY of time to workout…so hopefully my workouts will out weigh my diet transgressions.   My diet and an exercise plan will start when I get home the week of the 24th and I am hoping that all of the skinnymom followers will be here to cheer me on.  Oh and there is the pic of my family.