From KKTV’s website

Yep, it’s that time of year, my Colorado friends. Everything is very dry from the heat and wind. That means wild fires. And we seem to be getting them fast and furiously. The most recent is burning near Lake George—the third to hit that area in the last two weeks. The High Park fire up in Larimer County has burned over 55,000 acres and is being considered the most destructive fire in Colorado’s history. These fires aren’t just affecting those local to them. I know this first hand. Even though I live almost 200 miles from the fire, I’ve seen and smelled the smoke, and it’s blocked our view of the mountain range and Pikes Peak since it began. Thousands have been evacuated and over 100 structures have been lost. Most tragically, a life has been lost as well. I know other states get wild fires. I’ve lived in several other states, but never seen destruction like this, though. The cause of the High Park fire? Lightning. I don’t know the causes of the other fires burning in Colorado right now. While we can’t do anything about lightning, we can do our part to make sure we don’t accidentally start fires. Our local area is under a burn ban for now. Please, if you’re under one, obey it. Don’t throw butts out car windows. Do your part. And support those fighting these fires. And if you feel so led, say a prayer for everyone affected.