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Okay first, let me start with this, I am not a cheerleader nor do I play one on TV. Lord have mercy, I would be the worst cheerleader on the face of the planet. I am very very very impressed with our other bloggers that are/were cheerleaders. So to those who have asked me that, the answer is no. I was the only child of a very athletic father, he molded me into a sport playing athlete very early and I had no chance to even think about cheering. Oh and with that I will say, I was 5 ft 7 inches in the sixth grade and I was agile as an elk (that is my sister in laws term for tall girls with no rhythm). I wish I would have taken on cheerleading I would have been the tallest girl out there, but at least I would have better stage presence at competitions. So, thanks for the huge compliment, but the only cheers this girl knows are the ones that they do at Bearcat games. Onto the blog!

I was not paid or reimbursed by any of these companies; I am hoping that they LOVE the blog and send samples for me to giveaway to all of you. Fingers and toes crossed!

I have been asked bunches of times what workout clothes do I love, where do I get them, how much do they cost (please don’t tell my husband) and what activity do I wear them for…so here it is. I buy most of my clothes at TJ MAXX, they have great brands (Under Armour, Nike, Adidas) and it is almost always half of what the sporting good store charges. Let me start with, I have more on workout clothes than an executive has suits. I am ADDICTED to them. It is slightly embarrassing when looking at TJ MAXX that my son proclaims to everyone and God that “dad will kill you if you get more workout clothes”. Ok, let me be honest here…he won’t kill me, but I will get “the look”. It is bad.

Running skirts, once I wore them I’ve never gone back to shorts. I love them, they are cute, you can wear them anywhere and they don’t ride up like shorts. In addition, on weight machines you are not flashing anyone which is super nice. I like Running Skirts and Skirt Sports . Running skirts is owned by twin sisters and they have some very fun prints and some nice matching tops. They also have compression socks, which a super cute and a must for any athlete. Their skirts remind me of “bad girl, gone running”. The have school girl esque themed skirts as well as super fun camo and lots in between. I have a couple of first generation skirts from them and some new ones. I must say that as their business has grown, I like the skirts more and more. Skirt sports is owned by an Iron Woman, named Nicole DeBoom she is a super athlete and a pretty savvy business person. Her skirts also come in nice prints, she has a triathlon collection for multi-sport athletes and I love her tough girl (a skirt with pants under it). I wear it everywhere and always get compliments. Both brands have a wide waist band which is super nice because it holds any unwanted belly in and there are no bulges. Why skirts, not shorts? When I converted from cardio queen to a weights person, I had all of these running clothes that I was afraid I couldn’t wear. I wore my skirts to the gym and realized when I was lifting or on the weight machines that I didn’t have to worry about flashing anyone because all of my skirts have built in shorts under them, it was very nice and much cooler than my Nike pants. If you are doing outdoor cardio, the skirts look really nice with a pair of running tight capris under them. Also, with a skirt in the warmer months when I left the gym; I could just throw on a pair of flip flops and change my shirt and I looked pretty cute going into kindergarten pick-up. The tough girl skirt with the pants is perfect for pilates or yoga class and is great in the cooler months, again I just change my shirt when I leave the gym and look pretty put together. I have a skirt addiction and I think I have about 25 or so…plus or minus a few. The drawback of a good running skirt is that it is expensive, however I have tried the other cheap brands and they don’t work well. Both companies sell skirts with briefs or shorts under them, if you have more muscular legs then the shorts work best. They are tight and don’t ride up and hide my thunder thighs, which is fabulous. When finding a skirt, make sure the under shorts or briefs are snug and don’t ride up when you run or walk, you will look really silly pulling them down during cardio. Also, make sure it is long enough to cover you rear end, so that everyone behind you is not seeing only half a skirt. Oh and always look in the sale or clearance section of the websites, there are great deals to be found there.

Daisy butt pants or maragarita pants is another staple in my workout wardrobe. These pants are not for those who are afraid to spend money. I own a good number of the pants only because I once had a wholesale account with them. They can be found around the country in store and on the web. The best places I know to get them are Vumawear and Stretchalicious stores. These pants are a butt lift plus some. I have never seen anyone look bad in these pants and believe me I would be the first to tell you if they looked bad. The pants have a supplex/lycra blend, it is much thicker than normal yoga pants and hides any cellulite and other unpleasant stuff. The margarita pants come in fun prints (big daisies, polka-dots, peace signs just to name a few), if you live in the Midwest like me, you will be sure to get some strange looks from people. But I hear they are all the rage on the east and west coasts. The fit in these pants is snug, but should not be so snug that we can see what color your underwear are under them. I have also spotted the supplex type pants at TJ MAXX, not the same brand but the same consistency and are just a uplifting as the expensive pairs.

Ok onto bras. A really really sore subject and if you aren’t careful with what you wear, your girls will be sore too. I was guilty of wearing three sports bras to prevent bounce. I am a 31 DD (yes, they are real…unfortunately), and I didn’t think there was sports bra on the planet that would hold them in….I was wrong. I found the “Fiona” bra by Moving Comfort or maybe I should say it found me. I was being fitted for running shoes and the lady saw my “bounce” and offered a free fitting. These bras have adjustable straps and offer a huge amount of support, the girls are bounceless when I am doing cardio which is great. They also have a racerback design called the “juno” which is fantastic for wearing under tank tops. It is lined, which is great because your nipples don’t show (I am just being honest ladies). Don’t just buy any bra. It makes me cringe when I see ladies at the gym with their boobs bouncing up and down, it hurts and it hurts your girls. Once the ligament in your breasts is stretched, it cannot be fixed without surgery; so proper support is a necessity. Make sure when looking for a sports bra. It is sized like a bra. It has adjustable straps and back and it fits. Go to a running store or a bra store and be fitted and make sure you tell them what type of activity you are doing. This is not just for the DD’s and beyond, but those who have an A need support too. You don’t want your boobs at your knees when you are sixty.

I am going to end with shirts and shoes. First, please make sure your shirt is long enough to cover everything…including any muffin top action going on. Longer shirts create the illusion of longer thinner torsos, who doesn’t want to look thinner in the middle? If you have a long torso (like me), I suggest purchasing a couple of long tanks (cotton/lycra) blend to wear under your shirts. As moms we are too old to be playing peek-a-boo with our own bellies. The bonus to wearing a tank underneath is that it smoothes out any bulges that we may still have post baby. Tanks also a very stylish when they look layered under your favorite tee or look great alone when you want to show off your guns. Nike has a great cotton/spandex t-shirt and tank that come in great colors and run longer. Oversized t-shirts that look like they came out of your husbands drawer, are not cute on anyone. Yes, you are working out; but no, you don’t want to look frumpy. The better you look, the better you will feel and the more you will want to workout. I suggest always looking to a cotton/lycra blend shirt, they don’t stretch out and the lycra helps to wick sweat. Finally, gym shoes! Invest in a good pair. Be fitted by a professional and make sure you use running shoes for running, walking shoes for walking, and cross training shoes for cross training. If you use the wrong shoe for an activity, then you will get shin splints and they will hurt and you won’t want to workout any more…this is all a big fail. Oh and the shoes that swear to lift your butt and tone your legs are for walking only, do NOT do any other high impact cardio in them, you will get hurt. If nothing else, put some money into the shoes.

A few final thoughts when it comes to apparel. Just because they make it in your size, does not mean you have to wear it. Feel comfortable in the clothes you workout in. Take a friend (an honest friend) clothes shopping with you and make sure that they give you an honest opinion. Check out sales, discount websites, clearance and everything in between before paying full price. This mama is on a budget, so I never pay full price but have a ton of really cute stuff.


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