Our redlegs may have lost their final game last week, but Cincinnatians still have a reason to celebrate the city. Okay, so we aren’t L.A. or NYC. We have the Ohio River over a coast or tropical shoreline, but we love our barges and riverboats! Every good Cincinnati native knows our rich history: from OTR breweries to the first professional baseball team to our famous chili. Our mid-sized metropolis has actually had quite the cultural pulse. The best news is…it’s not over yet! Forbes has again found Cincy to be a noteworthy, thriving city. If you are a working mama, you are going to love this news EVEN more! According to ForbesWoman online, Cincinnati is the 4th Best City for Working Moms (out of 20)! See ladies, we can have it all.

1. Columbus, Ohio

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

3. Hartford, Connecticut

4. Cincinnati, Ohio

5. Providence, Rhode Island

6. Birmingham, Alabama

7. Cleveland, Ohio

8. Richmond, Virginia

9. Buffalo, New York

10. Louisville, Kentucky

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