Christy Curtis-Buss is no stranger to hard work. Buss began her career in dance at her mother’s studio in St. Louis at the tender age of three. “I literally grew up there next to my mom teaching,” she says. “I started teaching my own class when I was 10 years old.” Carrying on the prestigious Los Angeles Lakers owning Buss family legacy, the 53 year old has dominated the dance industry as a world renowned choreographer.  She was responsible for the choreography for eight USO Tours with Bob Hope, showcased her choreography and nutritional expertise on several tours for Lee Ann Rimes, choreographed moves for the Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders and the Clippers Spirit Squad and has over 400 students register weekly for her classes at her studio in El Segundo, California.

Christy Curtis-Buss

Christy’s love for dance has also led to the development of her own fitness craze known as “cardio choreography”. “Cardio choreography is high intensity dance, integrated aerobic strength and conditioning aspects,” she says. “The use of stretching and elongating the muscles in dance reduces the bulk in muscles while the cardio keeps the heart rate up and burns major calories.” This craze can now be seen in gyms and studios everywhere in the form of Cardio Barre, Zumba, and hot yoga. Buss says it is this method of exercise that creates that much sought after dancer’s body. She believes that stretching is the key to developing long, lean muscles and when used in conjunction with cardio, can help a woman reduce bulk and develop more length.  She also says that a woman wishing to achieve a dancer’s body should incorporate her core into everything she does from standing to sitting claiming it will create better posture and even make you appear taller and leaner than you actually are.

When it comes to dieting, Buss does not follow a specific plan. She instead makes sure to eat clean every day and tries to stick to meals that are low in fat and full of greens. While taking classes such as ballet or jazz at a local studio is Buss’ first suggestion for those hoping for a dancer’s physique, she is also realistic knowing that many women lack the extra time or money for classes. In such cases, she recommends DVD’s and believes that combing ones like Zumba, pilates and yoga as well as performing abdominal wok on an exercise ball, can help women achieve results at home similar to what they would achieve in the studio.

Christy Curtis-Buss harnesses a talent that is far beyond just a dancer and choreographer. If her extensive list of experiences were

Christy Curtis-Buss

not enough to impress, her seemingly ageless and flawless physique certainly is. Whether you’re looking to dance as a means of getting lean or simply just to have a little fun, both your body and your mind will be reaping the benefits of your decision from day one!


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