If you’re not familiar with what a Diaper Drive is, it’s a fundraiser where you ask people to donate a pack or box of diapers to mothers in need, collect the donations, and deliver them to a charity.  Because I was 19 when I had my first child and needed lots of help from family, friends, and organizations like this, I have always felt a great responsibility to give back the blessings I was given once I was finally able.

If you are looking for a way to give back, why not sponsor a Diaper Drive?  Here’s how:

  1. First, find a charitable organization you’d like to contribute to.  I like to research (okay, Google) it online first.  Sometimes I look for places close to or in my own city and sometimes I look specifically for charities that provide for young mothers, this is completely your choice.  If you find several organizations you’d like to help, call them or email them all and find out what each one really needs.  While most charities always have a “wish list” their supplies usually vary.  For example, one charity I helped wanted diapers of all sizes and wipes, but another wanted size 6 and Pull-Ups only.  Each charity will have different needs so make sure you know exactly what they want.
  2. Next, ask them if they have a diaper drive kit.  Several non-profit organizations will have a little packet of blank donation receipts along with their mission statement and a brief bio explaining who they are and what they do.  These are great tools to hand out or leave with people when asking for donations.
  3. Decide your start and end date and make sure they work for your charity as well.  If the charity you’re helping needs something asap, then your drive should be set up to gather your donations as quickly as possible.  If they are simply always accepting donations then give your donators at least 2 weeks to gather what they need.  This gives everyone some time to get to the store and buy what you’re requesting. Make sure your delivery date is clear.  Let your donators know that you plan to deliver your donations on a specific date so everyone gets the donations purchased and to you before that day.
  4. Get the word out!! Use email, facebook, twitter, text, and phone calls.  Whatever you think will give you the biggest donations.  If you’d rather target a specific group of people, decide the best way to get their interest.  Would an email with a link to the charity’s website be best or should you speak to them in person?  Know your audience and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone a little.  Remember, it’s for a good cause!
  5. Make sure you schedule donation pick-ups with everyone.  There are a few ways to do this depending on who you plan to ask for donations.  If you are asking friends and family then you will more than likely have to schedule several pick-up days and times over the course of your drive.  If you are leaving a donation box at work or at a church or business then you should be able to make only one or two pick-ups depending on how many donations you receive.  The important thing is that the donations get delivered in the end.  Yes, you may spend two weeks meeting people and running all over, but that’s the least you can do when asking for donations.  As a sponsor, I like to make it as easy as possible for my donators so I try to accommodate their schedules whenever I can.
  6. Final delivery- Try to have a contact person at the charity you’re contributing to who knows what you’re doing and when you’re dropping everything off.  However, many charities aren’t fully staffed so if you have to just arrive with a donation unannounced, no worries.  I have never had anyone turn me away when I’ve arrived with an armful of free diapers.

If you’re still not sure about taking you diaper drive mainstream, consider some of these fun ideas to help you get more familiar and comfortable with having your own drive.

  1. Girls Night for a cause- Send out an evite to your girlfriends offering to provide the snacks if they provide the diapers.
  2. Baby Shower- Decorate your office breakroom with a few baby shower items, provide cupcakes and punch (like a real shower) on your donation delivery day as a thank you to your boss and co-workers for donating.  You can even play some funny shower games!
  3. DIY Diaper Cake Donation- If you or someone you know has got the diaper cake making down, host a DIY party.  Have everyone bring a pack of diapers (or 2 depending on your cake size) and learn how to make a diaper cake that will get donated to your charity.
  4. Birthday donations- Ask everyone to give you a donation of diapers for a cause that’s close to your heart in lieu of gifts on year.

For me, helping young mother’s is close to my heart because I was one, but there are many charities that help families and mothers of all ages that could really benefit from a Diaper Drive like this.  My daughter and I collect and deliver the diapers together because I want her to see how blessed we are and how important it is to pay those blessings forward. No mother or child should have to go without the basic necessities and by hosting a diaper drive, you could turn someones bad week into a great one!