We’ve all heard the term “muscle confusion” and why we need to change up our workouts on a regular basis in order to obtain maximum results.  It was time for me to do just that since I had become a little lazy in my workouts.  Last January, I decided to take advantage of the new boutique gyms opening in Nashville.  They offer small group training classes that give you the benefit of a one-on-one personal trainer.  This interested me because not only was I getting training tips and a kick butt workout, but the savings on a group class as opposed to a personal trainer was amazing.

The first class I attended, I will admit to being a little intimidated.  All new equipment, some of which I had no idea how to use.  This not only made me upset, but a little sad.  How long had I been working out and I had never seen some of this equipment?  No biggie, right?  I’ve always tried new workouts and never had much of a problem, except for downhill skiing but that’s another story.  I thought I looked pretty good too.  Nothing I was wearing had mud on it which was a plus since most of my workouts include a hike.  I looked around our class of 8 women.  I say women, but most looked like children since they were about 20 years my junior.  At 43 years of age, was I really the oldest one in the class? You could definitely tell a difference in our age by our workout attire.  They dressed in outfits that matched and looked cute.  I dressed in clothes that didn’t let things jiggle.

After speaking with the instructor to get the lay of the land and realizing we were the same age, therefore speaking the same language, I was put at ease.  Class started, music was blaring and we were told to put our incline on the treadmill to 20 after several minutes.  Do they go to 20? Seriously?  But it’s a treadmill, so how hard can it be?  Let me tell you….hard.  For the next hour, our instructor put us through circuit training like I’ve never done before.  All with an incredible soundtrack and everyone was sweating.  The only sore spot was when the girls commented how much they loved one of the songs and I piped up and said “yeah, I loved the original version”…they looked wide eyed at me and said “Original?”  Sigh….Let it go Mina.

Not only did I do that class, but I continued to go for several months until the sun beckoned me outside with warmer weather.  I still take a circuit training class and I still get my booty kicked.  Now I’m not so intimidated and actually look forward to seeing how I can keep up with the young girls.  No longer do I take offense when they say “You look really good for your age” because I’ve worked hard at it and will take that compliment!

Now I have to go.  Class starts soon and I need to find a cute matching outfit that doesn’t let things jiggle.