I am a big chicken.  Like most people, I’ve found my area of comfort, & I tend to live inside those parameters.  Recently, I’ve started dipping my toes into unknown waters & have been experiencing emotions from “This is AMAZING! I’ve never felt so alive!” to “Okay, so this is how I’m going to die”.  Let me back up a minute & explain.

I have lost 145 pounds over the past 2 years, so I am feeling like a new person.  I no longer have the cop out of, ‘I’m over the weight limit, so I can’t do the zip line or parasail’.  (I say cop out, because I always really wanted to try those things, but I was just too afraid.  My weight was a convenient excuse for me.) Those things, coupled with recently turning 40, have created a monster.  My husband, who has been with me for 21 years is wondering who this woman in front of him trying all these new things is.

My most recent adventure was trying the dip machine at the gym I just joined.  I’m really out of my element when it comes to the gym, and this was not a dip machine I was familiar with.  I watched someone use it, went and asked an employee how it worked, and then prepared to tackle it.  The employee assured me the more weight the better, as your weight acts as a counterbalance, so I set it to 80 and said a little prayer. You have to step up on these stilt like poles, stepping from one set to the other, then onto this platform, while holding onto handle bars, & dip yourself up and down, using your body weight and arm/upper body strength.

Lets just say I got down and then hung, unable to pull back up.  So there I am, hanging from this crazy machine, afraid to let go because the weights might catapult me across the room, yelling for someone to rescue me. Thank goodness I can laugh at myself, because I’m pretty sure some of the people who witnessed it got a pretty good chuckle.  I haven’t dared that exercise again, but I will, because I’ve come to feel more alive when I step outside my everyday routine.

What are you willing to try this week that’s outside of your comfort zone?

Photo Credit: http://bariatrics.ecommunity.com